Hello Fellow Campers! Please take a look at my tribute page and give some feedback. Thanks!

Hi Fellow campers,

Long story short, after doing all the HTML and CSS courses here in FCC, I thought I was ready to at least have a good idea of what to do in these projects. Once I started, I couldn’t have felt more unprepared if I tried. So, it took me quite a while to get this project completed. I was all over the place, from re-learning how to center things in a div to basic font styling in CSS. Although I struggled, I kept plugging away. I must say that through all the struggles, I actually learned a great deal. Well worth the time spent. I’d really appreciate any feedback - https://codepen.io/savidnotla1/pen/rrrYJW. I actually did a different version but had to restructure/change the layout in order to pass the tests. Thanks again for any feedback!

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Looks like your perseverance paid off! Your tribute page looks great. I like how you calculated the font-size. I’ve never tried that before.

One bit of feedback: when I shrink the window, the image looks too small to me.

In your CSS, I would give the #image a width property that allows is to take up most, if not the entire width of the screen for smaller screens/mobile devices. Then give it a max-width property to keep it from getting too big on desktops and big monitors.

Keep up the good work!

I haven’t even begun this project yet but I was excited to see someone else’s vision and execution. I think your tribute page looks great, and you picked a fantastic person to make a tribute page for. :+1:

Thank you so much for the great feedback! I’m going to play around with the width property to get the image to show larger on smaller screens.