Hello friends,please checkout my Wikipedia Viewer and suggest me how can i make it more efficient and please review it,suggestions are appreciable..!

project link :- https://codepen.io/AkshaySingh/full/aVzZYw/

You need a way to go back to the text view of the results after clicking on Images.

Thank’s for your suggestion,I have fixed it now :wink:

Hey there,

Looks really good. Center the background GIF and also on the results page the background GIF along the name are far off screen on top left hand side. Also after clicking the more button a piece of text aka “API-Media Wiki” appears on background.

Question for you. I was looking for information on pickups that are in electric guitars and basses. I typed, “electric guitar pickup.” What returned was, “Sorry, no content found…!” My question is this: is the search box looking for the input as an entire string, as typed, or does it separate out the words, so there might be content found?

One other suggestion is to shrink the WikiGif.gif image to make the page load faster the first time. That file is 1.98 MB. It really should be no more than 200 KB if possible. I was able to use https://ezgif.com/resize to resize the file down to 300 KB.

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i have tried to fix it…please check !!!

It does not separate out the words that are entered rather it takes entire string as a single input and show the results.So you can just write “electric guitar” or “pickup” and it would work.I am considering the issue and trying to make the search more effective and efficient.
Thank You :smiley:

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It really worked :blush: