Hello guys am new here

Hello guys am new here and am from Africa (Botswana) and I would like to create a app that would benefit people here in Africa but I have no idea what to make :rofl: . Can u guys help me think ?

Cool, welcome.

I assume that you would have a better idea about the problems of Africa than I would.

But the first step is to become a good coder. What is your coding level?

Hey there @freenation2021! Welcome to the FCC forum!:slightly_smiling_face::smiley:

The first step for problem solving is thinking about the problems you want to to solve and then think of a way to solve it.

For example could your app be a client for a certain product that is hard to obtain or view? (Such as an app that uses the Yahoo weather API to show the weather in your location)

The next step is to decide what technology you want to use to make the product. For example do you want a weather website?

Great! Go learn HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript to make the website. However if you want an Android or iOS app you can start research into the best cross-platform tools and languages to make apps.

The last step is to learn that technology. Look for resources such as Freecodecamp to help you learn how to make that product with coding languages🙂.

Hope this helped!
Keep on coding!