Hello guys am stuck here on html

You need an a element that links to http://freecatphotoapp.com
this is not working. could someone please help me out…

If this is for a specific challenge, please use the “ask for help” button from within that challenge so we have the information we need to help you.

Jacey is right - we need to know which one you’re working on. The better your question is, the better the answers will be.

I assume that it’s this one.

Anchor tags follow a basic format:

<a href="https://myinternetlink.com">anchor text</a>

https://myinternetlink.com is just the text you want to go to (in this case http://freecatphotoapp.com) and “anchor text” is whatever you want it to appear as on the screen (following the instructions, it should be “cat photos” without the quotes.)

You should be able to put it just about anywhere that isn’t actually disrupting an anchor tag. I put it at the end of the page and it passed fine.

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