Hello Guys can anybody help me solve this problem

can u join me in zoom so u can explain for me better i’ll give you remote on my pc so u can work easily

What do you need help with, I see the questions get logged to the console in your repl.it?

i want to take the questions from console to show them in page
at the end i want the game quiz start like how it showing in photos i select type ofquestion from category and choose type 4choices or true/false then click on start and go to questions page with each question have answers and there i can choose difficulty easy or medium or hard and if i select the correct answer my score increase else my hears drop down and after i get out of hears(lives) the game end and its open new page with total score i achieved

Alright, do you have any idea how to begin? Do you know how to change things in the DOM using jQuery or JavaScript?
(hint: the method you need is .textContent in JavaScript, or .text in jQuery)

Do you know how to add an eventListener to a button, so a click on that button triggers some action (like showing the questions or checking if an answer was correct)?

I hope you’re aware that nobody here is going to write the whole script for you, so it would be good if you could let us know where you stand, knowledge-wise, so we know which hints you need, or what you’re struggling with.

not really but i wish u can help me and guide me in every step cuz i really want to be like you so professional

Where did you get the starting code from?

If it’s homework why have you not been provided with the help you need to complete this?

Well I can’t do your homework for you, but it would probably make sense to go through a short beginner’s tutorial about jQuery, to learn the absolute basics.

Then I’d suggest you first make yourself totally familiar with the code you already have there. Check out each function, see what it does, see where it gets called. Add console.log()s if you’re not sure what a function does.

A good start would be the getCategories(select) function. If you can understand what’s going on in there, you’ll already have learned a lot.