Hello guys! I'd like to know your opinion and recoomendations on this project!

This is my final project for the responsive web design Certificacion!

I built it but I did not follow any of the user stories because I did not wanted to have my mind only to certain parameters, I did it how I wanted to and now I got to figure out how to fill the users stories, I mean I’ve been doing it all along.

What I would like to know is your opinion and if the color are working all right, and any other recommendations you could have!

Also I had a problem as I usually do with spacing on the right, I ended up fixing it using box-sizing: box-border; on the body and creating a border on the body of 10px; but I think that’s not the better way. But It’s given me a style to the page that I like!

Here’s the project - https://codepen.io/Mikeavocado01/full/zYpaaXR

Thanks for taking the time I really appreciate the answers!

Hello @Mike01 your project looks very good, you really did a good job. :smile:
I just have two opinions:
1, I think the part of about me , if the article move down a little mybe looks better. because too much blank under the article.
2, the part of contact me , I think also same as the above one , if social media parts move down a little then looks better.
That’s just what I feel . :smile: happy coding.

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What do you mean, Should I use margin at the top of these elements?

Your page looks really good. I like the option to switch to dark mode!

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yes I think so . that’s what I mean

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