Hello I am New here

Hello I’m new to free code camp and this is for the tutorial!!!

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Welcome! Have fun whizzing through the challenges, and we’ll be here to help if you get stuck on a project :slight_smile:

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Hey Jackson,

A kindred spirit here. I’m a newby too looking to jump in and self-teach some code and discover whether it’s the
career transition I’ve been searching for.

Best Wishes!:relaxed:


I’m new here too.

Does anyone know where to start challenges?

start from the top :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome guys, you’re all awesome. Quick question
Can someone tell me where the passed variables are defined in the Word Blanks section?
I’m a little confused about the entire challenge.

Thanks in Advance!

For this and all other challenges, your code gets sent through a gauntlet of automated tests. These tests call your function and pass in a bunch of pre-defined arguments. You don’t see these tests run, but you can see what was passed when you view the results on the lower left side of the page after you submit your code.

Hi there,

I am Hana and I am excited to learn how to code.

Welcome! We can’t wait to see what you can create.

Happy Coding!

Hey I’m also a n00b (do people still use l33t speak? they did back in 1997) I’m learning to code and I am so far finding the challenges fun. Good luck everyone! Cheers

Newby here! Looking forward to learning code and adapting to the future. Im currently in construction and decided its time to use my brain. Glad to be part of this community. Lets see how it goes!

Well, @ManBearPigg shared this old Commit Strip on Twitter yesterday and my first reaction was ‘They ruined the punch line, it should have been the 1337th time, not the 1338th.’

So…at least one person is still hanging on to the 90s.



Newbie too… looking forward to do some cool things (hopefully) while learning to code. Happy coding all.

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That’s awesome, nice to know I’m not the oldest in the room!