Hello I am new to programming

Hello All, My name is Arief

and this is mark my 1 month of programming journey, yeeey!!!

I am from engineering background, but not tech and I want to change my job because of various reason.
I already completed my Web Design and Javascript curiculum, really motivated to study new curiculum which is react.

Hopefully I can set sail further to the ocean of coding and data…

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Keep it up! Make sure to check freecodecamp’s youtube channel, You’ll find tons of useful videos related to your topic. :grinning:

Hi, yeah I wanna built my first portofolio website.
So currently still searching for the first step to do it :smiley:

I might help if you want…

First thing first, try and build some amazing projects so that you can get more familiar with the technologies you use for building. Note to mention that this is enhance your knowledge further more for example you will get tips and tricks for responsive designs.

Secondly, If you come from a computer programming background like c++ or something else, Chances are you might not like CSS which was the case with me but trust me it’s amazing and try learning about it. Responsive designs are the most important part while building your dream project, keep this in mind. A simple freecodecamp video: Introduction To Responsive Web Design - HTML & CSS Tutorial - YouTube. (long but infromative)

Thirdly, It is not always code in creating a software or a website. It is mixture of planning and coding both that makes a great website. A simple codecamp video: How to Design a Website – A UX Wireframe Tutorial - YouTube.

I know I have given a lot of not asked advice on the topic but trust me. I come from a rural area in India and had no one to guide me. I didn’t went to a collage yet, but still I am 17 year old who have a good amount of front-end and back-end knowledge and now work for contribution on open source. These tips are I wondered that someone has given me earlier but I never mind that. One thing I can do is to not other get confused and spend year or so to make these beginner friendly mistakes.

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