Hello looking for feedback on my survey page!

All feedback is welcome!

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Well done! You probably put a lot of efforts in it and it shows :slight_smile: I would upgrade few things.

  • Give some paddings to your inputs.
  • What’s the purpose of first two dropdowns? Not sure what’s expected.
  • The middle checkbox in what can I add is not linked to its label.
  • Try giving some space between textarea and submit button.
  • When mouse hovers on submit button, change button color and change mouse cursor.

Good luck :+1:

hello im confused as to what you mean by padding to inputs? the purpose of the two drop downs is to select which console and game you preferred/played on.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

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As of right now, your inputs have default size.

If you give paddings to your input boxes, for ex.
padding: 2rem, it will increase its size from the middle of the text to the edges :slight_smile:

Man I love the idea.

The main improvement I would make is to pick a snazzier font. Have a look on Google Fonts to find one which suit you.

Great work, the “choose your character” part looks especially complicated (and cool). I noticed a couple rather small things:

  1. In the Characters part, all characters have a font of different colors and change it to black when hovered over. However, character names on the blue line (Marth to Shulk) already have black color so they can’t change their color like other ones. Maybe consider giving them some other color for more consistency.

  2. The way the question “What can I add?” and its answers overlap the background image can be improved, I think. White font on a very light part of image can be a little difficult to read. Changing the font color might help, but I really like how it looks now next to your image. Maybe you can move the lighter part of the image away from the text. I’d probably moved the text from center to the left third and put the image on the right, but that’s just one option.

Finally, I’d remove underline on questions, but this is just a personal preference.

I think your survey form would look good with a grid display (or flex display) so all the characters are aligned vertically.
The bottom of the survery (where you write your name, age and console) looks a bit confusing especially with the white font overlapping the white shape in the background. Maybe you can try adding another background for the 2nd part of the survey? Like another div?

But overall, great job! :slightly_smiling_face: