Hello mods, small error in your lesson

Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator (in javascript lessons)

the directions show: Build myStr from the strings "This is the start. " and “This is the end.” using the + operator.

As you can see “This is the end.” has so space in the very beginning (to include the space between the concatenated strings) which is a requirement to pass this lesson. Hope this helps.

Do you mean that it should be " This is the end."?

yes thats the proper way according the first tidbit and then the instructions section shows it without a space in the second string, “This is the end.” should be " This is the end." in the instructions area of the lesson.

"This is the start. " already includes a space at the end, so it is not necessary to add another space in the second string.

I’ve just realized it’s the same situation with your lesson: Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals Operator

the instruction section (basically the answer if you know what you’re looking at) shows the two strings that should be concatenated but the second string here does not include the space.

Oh okay. Just close this.