Hello my fellow campers, could you please provide your feedback on my product landing page

The link for the page is here

Hello. Good job.

I did notice the Nav bar is not great on a mobile view. I would have the items stacked instead of side by side.
Also, the colour scheme I don’t like, specifically the dark red with light blue. It is not a great combination.

Thank you for the feedback, regarding the color scheme for the first section which has red background with svg animation if i use a white back and change the font color to blue will that look good?

Also regarding mobile navigation my thought was to use a hamberburger icon but since this project requires only html and css, i cannot use javascript right?

Use whatever you like. You are only being tested on CSS HTML skills but nothing stops you from making it better. Use a hamburger menu.

The colour scheme is often a personal choice. I will be happy to review version 2!

Hello @JohnnyBizzel I have used a different color scheme and some js code for the navigation, could you please review i hope this looks much better.

I like it. Much better :sparkles:

The color change is much easier on the eyes! Your page looks good on my phone :+1:.

Just like the other Blue one, the red is just too bright.