Hello, newbie trying to get into programing

Hello all,
I am here because I am trying to start programing again but I feel so lost.
I have not done any programing probably since 2009 and boy have things changed!
I used to do a little (VERY little!!!) C++… and that was it…
Now I would like to do some JAVA and Python but honestly I just started to read some beginner tutorials and I lost completely.
What would you recommend for a newbie to start, I do not plan to do anything professional with this, I just want to gain a new ability as a hobby, I think computers are fascinating and want to know what I can do but I do not know where to start.


learning how to code takes time.you just have to be patient,just like when you are asking a lady you newly met out.she doesnt seem to be friendly right?? that is exactly how coding is unfriendly to newbies. just keep studying and practice alot!!


Hi @BaconR !

Welcome to the forum!

I would either start with python or java first.
But I wouldn’t do both at the same time right now.

I am not sure which tutorials you have tried but here are some beginner friendly tutorials.

Once you complete some beginner friendly tutorials you can slowly start to build out some beginner projects.

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Hey @BaconR, I have been in the business of training new coders since 2014 and have helped 1,000s of start their careers. Let me know if you would like to chat over a video call. Feel free to email me at
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I have removed your email for your privacy. This forum is indexed by Google and the contents easily scraped by bots.
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Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much!! I got so overwhelmed about this the other day that I just got blocked on my brain and didn;t even know what to look for. This helps me a lot!!! Thank you so much. And yes, I will start with only one and see how it goes <3 Thank you thank you!!!

thank you so muhc, I will just start with online courses (as I said, I just want to learn but have no particular purpose of it, I am just curios), but if I ever think on developing further I will contact you :slight_smile:

hi i would not mind. i am interested

Hi, BaconR and welcome to the forum. I understand your worries because I also tried to start programming using free guides, but it turned out that the person must have the strong motivation to do it. I recommend you to start online/offline courses where you’ll have a profesisonal guidance and mentors.

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