Hello! Please critique my "Using Twitch.tv API" project

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback on my project. Here you can type some twitch username and view users followed channels. Or you can click on ‘demo’ and view my favorites.
source on github, tried to use some ES6 features.
I suspect that my js structure is realy weak, maybe you can give me some advices what patterns should i learn for similar tiny projects. And every comment is welcome.
Thank you!

Lot more work done on this than the description asked. It’s awesome to see projects that go far and beyond what’s required. Love the colors and transition (although the shake might be a bit much).

One bug I encountered was that when I searched for a page and then went back, I could still see a portion of the last page (the one with the channels) underneath the front page. Otherwise, it seems to work great.

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Many thanks for your feedback! I think that i need to clear result after sending new request, not getting response. I will fix that :slight_smile: