Hello! Please review my tribute page

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you !

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@snehaiyer This is a good start!

For valid HTML, you’ll want to look at the Doctype and the Head and Body sections of FCC Beta. All HTML markup should have these elements.

You’re using inline styles in your HTML like <strong>, <em>, and style="width=100%". Some say that this is not the best practice as it’s ideal to separate the function (HTML) and design (CSS). Here’s a good resource for learning more about that. Do you think you can figure out how to achieve the same styling without the inline styles and using CSS instead?

You may want to change the color for the -Robert Graves, English poet,novelist,critic and classicist sentence. This Contrast Checker shows that those two colors don’t mix well with one another in terms of maximum accessibility and visibility.

Your image has an alt attribute, so that’s great! However, it’s redundant because accessibility tools and browsers already know it’s an image. alt="img_Shakespeare". I find alt attributes to be challenging to get right and constantly refer back to WebAIM for reference.

Look at your code in this HTML code validator. I use this a lot to fix the minor mistakes I inevitably have in my HTML markup. You may benefit from it as well, even though your site has a relatively low number of errors.

Other than these issues, everything else looks perfect!

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