Helmet middleware should be mounted correctly

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helmet.ieNoOpen() middleware should be mounted correctly

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Challenge: Prevent IE from Opening Untrusted HTML with helmet.ieNoOpen()

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Ok, downgrading helmet to ~3.21.0 helped. Just annoying…

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Hello; I’ve had some tests pass and several errors(test fails =mounted incorrectly) with no difference between things that pass and those that fail.
I see above comment - how do we downgrade helmet?
I’ve tried just typing in suggested version of 3.21.0(but not working), because I didn’t see it in the available package list usually used to add a package.

Any idea how to downgrade helmet if that is the problem?
Or any other ideas - seems like lots of random problems with this middleware

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In package.json change the version of helmet to ~3.21.0

	"dependencies": {
		"express": "^4.14.0",
    "helmet": "~3.21.0"

That worked for me.

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Ha! So easy!
Thanks for that!