Help! 2+weeks stuck on this step of HTML nutritions lable

I think you must not be seeing or reading my posts. In this code, you still have only the text ‘8g’ inside of the third span element. You need both the text ‘8g’ and the entire span element around the text 'Total Fat’s inside of the third span element.

SEEING AND READING ARE ALL I CAN DO HERE. I have sent you multiple links to what I saw were probable solutions. I have done what you’re talking about, in one of those links. There are limited options here and NONE of them are working. Please don’t insult me anymore. Just tell me in plain, steps what to do . I have been stuck for while and I am very able to fucking read.

And I said

I cannot see any of your code at those links. It’s literally impossible for me to see your code by clicking on that link.

I have done so

You need to put both the text 8g and the entire Total Fat span inside of the third span element.

  1. Revert to your code with only the first two span elements

  2. Identify the text ‘8g’

  3. Identify the span element around the text 'Total Fat’s

  4. Open the new span element before the span element around the text ‘Total Fat’

  5. Close the new span element after the text ‘8g’

It isn’t my fault you’re not able to access whatever links I posted! you’re rude, and entitled to think that I can’t read or see what you’re posting when clearly I am replying. I’m completely appauled that this is how you treat people who are trying to learn to code. I’m not really interested in learning through this site now. there’s no reason to react or tell me I can’t read because I didn’t do something perfectly to your entitled privileged understandingI can read what I wrote, so can you, and when I type it, it shows up perfectly fine. you should be able to help me without going through each and every option on my screen. You know the answers, you know how to walk me through it. What I’ve tried already shouldn’t matter if you were able to code better than me you’d already know what I need to do here.

I need to see what you tried so I can tell you how to fix it. If I can’t see the code, then I can’t see how to fix it.

As I’ve explained, I can click on the link fine but I cannot see any code you have typed into your browser because it’s only on your computer.

You need to

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