Help a Japanese nonprofit that's writing a book about freeCodeCamp by participating in an interview with them


We are looking for some campers who want to participate in interviews conducted by a Japanese nonprofit Unbiased Learning.

Unbiased Learning is a nonprofit organization that has helped us translate our core curriculum into Japanese.

They are now working on writing their book to introduce freeCodeCamp to people in Japan. And they want to include some interviews with people from the freeCodeCamp community in their book. They want to hear about your learning experience at freeCodeCamp and how that relates to your career.

If you are interested in contributing to this opportunity, please fill in the form below:

Some more details:

  • The interview call can be in either English or Japanese.
  • The interview is expected to last approximately 1 hour. They may ask you to fill out some of their questions beforehand.
  • The date and time have not been set yet.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

(Japanese translation)

freeCodeCamp 受講者の中から、非営利団体 Unbiased Learning によって実施されるインタビューにご協力いただける方を募集しております。

Unbiased Learning は、日本の非営利団体で、freeCodeCamp カリキュラムの日本語訳にあたってご協力くださいました。

Unbiased Learning では現在、freeCodeCamp に関する本の執筆に取り組まれており、その本に freeCodeCamp コミュニティーのメンバーへのインタビューを掲載されたいとのことです。freeCodeCamp での学習体験や、キャリアにどのような影響があったかなどをお伺いする予定です。



  • インタビュー (オンライン) は英語または日本語にて実施予定です。
  • インタビューは約 1 時間程度を予定しております。事前にテキストベースでいくつかの質問にお答えいただく可能性がございます。
  • 日時は未定です。




Awesome. If any of you all interested in participating, this would be a big help to the community, and a chance to be in a published book :slight_smile:

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This application has been closed. Thank you.
We will contact selected candidates in a few weeks.