Help Adding Tumblr Share Button to Random Quote Machine

Hello Awl. I’m trying to add a Tumblr share button on my Random Quote Machine exercise but can’t seem to get it to work. Can anybody please help me to get this to work? Also any recommendations and corrections will be welcomed.

Here’s the codepen:


The simplest tumblr share url is
But it looks like you have to be logged in to tumblr for the caption to show

And just a few pointers:
Don’t load the Google font as an external Javascript. You can load it in the HTML pen settings in "Stuff for Head"
You can reuse $quote=$('.quote').text(); for the tumblr click event, if you declare it as a variable outside of the twitter click function.
e.g. var quote = $…

Hey Christopher, I also found the link you shared here helpful. Can I ask where you found that, though? I went searching for a while and wasn’t able to find anything past the “Tumblr APIs” page which didn’t have this URL (that I saw).

Take a look at or