Help at technical documentation

Hi there I got 10/16, but everything works, I know about the media query that the only thing I know, in rest I have no clue. I did re-read the code but without succes.

  1. Add a header element to the beginning(crucial) of every .main-section section and all once you wrap all your h2 tags inside a header element within every .main-section you will pass another user story.

  1. Add a header element to your nav element.

  1. Add a media query to your CSS so your project is accessible on small screen devices as well. Use @media screen and(property) { your styles here }

The rest of the user stories I would encourage you to figure out yourself. Don’t hesitate to google and check StackOverflow to solve your queries Its a part of being a developer.

Read the user stories errors and think about them I’m sure you will be able to get it.

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