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Am writing a signup signing node project that allow users request for a pass from the manmager through email and get response from the manager. But this errors seems unavoidable.
async, await error path auth_control/
problem link

please help debug or suggest

could you give the link to the editorinstead of the live app link? seeing your code would be helpful for debugging

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Hi @route-chris !

I haven’t spent that much time working with the backend so others will probably be more helpful diagnosing the errors.

But one thing I did notice right away was the ability to easily access your env file.

It is important that you keep all of that sensitive information safe.
No one else should be able to access it.

You will have to use the new secrets tab in replit to store your keys so the public doesn’t have access to them.

Hope that helps!

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am sincerely waiting for your response hoping that I sent the editor URL thank you

am sincerely waiting for your response hoping that I sent the editor URL, thank you.

I tried googling your error messages and came up with a ton of stackoverflow answers.

So maybe you can dig through some of those.

Is that the only error message you are getting?

If not, then posting some of the error messages you see in the console might help some of the more advanced devs on the forum see where the issue is.

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