Help bringing these radio buttons side by side

Hey Campers,
I know I learnt this in one of the fcc lessons, but I forgot it again and can’t implement it inside so many divs. Please help.

On the last slide, just press next twice… The radio buttons are not aligning in one page

Please help,
really appreciate your help .

Hey @the-falcon, I haven’t used repl before but I think the link you provided will only work from your repl account. I might be wrong but it is not working in my laptop. May be you can share the code using codepen. But from your question I think that .radio{ display:inline-block;} should work, but I cannot be sure without looking at your code.

Hey @Ujjwal1604
Here you can see code:
sorry for the wrong link at first
And yes, I tried .radio{ display:inline-block;} and it works. Thank you very much.

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