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Please help me with my code im unable to pass user story 11
My project link is
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I had several problems with FCC tests, even though I was doing exactly what they were asking me to do. In my case, I continued with the other tests and sooner or later it would “fix itself”. You could also ignore that test, if it is doing what is expected to do it should be enough.

My code does the Job, but I think in my code in line 54 by adding string(“.”) to decimal value in input state its changing the decimal to string (i checked it using console) which is why I think it is not passing the user case. If that is the case I have following questions, can a decimal followed by “.” be a decimal value. I tried to add “.” in rendering stage ( as well but it dint pass maybe i did a mistake in that as well. Like you said ill move to next cases for now.