Help , cancelled out my terminal while uploading my repository for my first project :|

Hey everyone

So I was in the final stages of completing my first project for Responsive Web Design (build a tribute page) when I made a major mistake and basically completely ruined what I had in my terminal for the project. I was literally in the process of uploading my repository when this happened…SO, i have a completed project using html/css in Atom but unsure where to go from here, considering i had to delete my terminal. Any help would be great!

What were you doing with the terminal? Were you trying to push the files to a github repository?

yes, i was in the middle of committing files when i entered -n instead of -m and that sent me on a downward spiral…

You should be able to relaunch the terminal and start the commit again. :slight_smile:

Any chance I could get a walk through? this my first time using the terminal…

I created my html/css via atom than got up to the point where i created the repository and had to choose this option
“…or push an existing repository from the command line”
this is where I screwed up and exited out of the terminal… no idea how to get back from this point

It’s really hard to know what state you’re in (or even what you’re trying to accomplish).

Are you not sure how to get the command line back?

Are you having trouble pushing your code?

  • If you created a new local branch, you’ll need to set the upstream before you can push. The workflow at this point should be pretty simple: add, commit, merge. There are a number of mini tutorials that can walk you through it.

Are you trying to host your live project on GitHub Pages?

  • That’s a little bit more complicated of a process, but not too bad. There are some pretty good beginner tutorials for that. You don’t have to do it though. You can use a service like CodePen to create a live version of your project to submit for freeCodeCamp.

Thanks for the info…

my steps were as follows…

I opened a terminal, made a folder in the terminal for my desktop

i then targeted the folder to open via atom

once atom was open i then created my html/css to make the page

when i was done i signed into git hub and created a repository for my project

the last few steps the had to be done in the terminal were incorrect, and my terminal info was lost… so now i still have my html/css project in atom but i had to quit the terminal…
the last thing i think i need to do is push the repository code to the command line but the terminal i had originally opened to create the project is gone.

not sure how i can get back on track

You just need to open a new terminal. Closing the terminal doesn’t destroy anything.

I’d suggest using VS Code it has some very beginner-friendly Git integration and a integrated terminal as well.

If you do want/need to start over, here is one pretty easy option.

  1. Make a new repo and initialize it with a README.

  2. Clone the repo locally.

  3. Copy/move the HTML/CSS files into the new local repo folder.

  4. Commit the new files and push.

okay, once a new terminal is open, how do i get back on track with the commit ?

you can use git status to check what’s the situation, and from there make the commit as you were doing the first time

Thankyou for the help, I have made progress and seemed to be moving along with the commit until i enter “git push --set-upstream origin master” and the command line asks for my git hub username which i enter then asks me for my password but there is a strange keyblock character after it where i can’t even type, I can only press enter… anythoughts?

The terminal doesn’t show characters as you type when you are typing a password. You just have to trust yourself to put in the correct number of characters.