Help! cannot sign into my account

I created an account recently, had received “basic” trust level and nearly completed the javascript algorithms and data structures curriculum. I then got signed out. Now whenever I try to sign in with my original email, it says it’s created a new account and I no longer have my progress saved.

If I go to the notification email where I got the info about the trust level and click through from there, I can access my original account, but if I try to then go to the course and resume learning, it makes me sign in again and then creates the new account. I just want to save my progress! Any ideas?
Thank you.

Forum accounts and freeCodeCamp accounts are handled separately (which may be confusing, because you can link them). “Trust level” is specific to the forum software, so that email is presumably taking you to your forum account.

For issues with your freeCodeCamp account, you’ll need to email with your account details.
It may be helpful to include:

  • the email you used to register
  • whether you previously signed on with another OAuth account (Google, GitHub, Apple)
  • when you created your account
  • when you were last active on your account

ahh got it - thank you! will do