Help! Can't code to save my bootcamp Life!

I’ve just joined a established US coding BootCamp based in Singapore prior to 3 months of self-training in HTML/CSS & a bit of bootstrap, plus some FCC courses.

I thought they would provided an in-depth training in all web-dev languages as it was meant to advance my programming career, but to my horror, they only touch on lightly in CSS, a bit on bootstrap, almost nothing on HTML! & some on J.S !

Now i proficient in CSS & HTML so it ok for me, but Javascript is a totally different animal & after 3 weeks of bootCamp life, I still can’t write a single line of J.S code !!!

**To make things worse, we have to built a project on a game in the 4th week! **

**The assistants to Instructor merely give a bit of advice to solve a topic & gave you a link to read up later. **

I think the next 8 weeks is more or less i’m doom to failure. What’s my next course of option??
(Can’t refund!! Students have to decide before end of 1st week. or zero $$ return. )

Have you started the FCC sections on JavaScript yet?

Honestly, there’s just not that much that you can cover in a 3 month course.

No. :cry:

I thought everything will be done in class, not those “you’ve done pre-work so you know everything” stuff!

Now we’ve node.js, angular on 2nd month, follow by everything back-end in the last month follow by Interviews which if the employers tend to test you…

Try the javascript course in code academy, if you really want, you learn by doing games, so maybe you can use what you learn there to your project, anything else, just ask on FCC they will answer.

@jstalin Welcome to coding world!! However you can’t quit now better go for the best option, don’t panic learn with your own pace which helps you a lot rather rushing to create facebook in a week.It’s Okay you fail, embrace your weakness write it down on paper and create your own strategic plan to make baby steps. code 1 hour more learn daily, listen to podcast, radio, coding books, pair programming. Find a similar friend or FCC Local Group meet them often, which helps you a lot! Hope this word encourage you. Happy Coding!

Seeing that you’re a week ahead of me, i can safely say that we’re of different bootcamps in the same country.

Yes, bootcamps are really fast-pace & in my own opinion not suited for those who not ready. And when i say not ready, it means you have to be really good to make sure you don’t fall behind the class, which i think i also did.

I was coding with CodeAcademy, FCC, Khan Academy & some online youtube videos, but stopp for a while to attend some personal/family issues. So after months of layoff, i came back to continue where i left off.

I knew what i was getting into, you’re really paying just to gain that “network for interviews with Companies”.

So for me it just to see how coding live with a group feels like & at the end of the bootcamp, what the companies interviews feels like.

Just give it a lot of hard work, i think you’ll make it even if it’s not with the bootcamp thingy.

For me, even after the bootcamp, i know i’ll continue to learn new languages myself even after being employed.

Learning to code is a roller-coaster. Sometimes you feel like the king/queen of the hill while at other times you feel absolutely shitty. I remember starting out (June 2016) in a similar sort of bootcamp in Nairobi,Kenya and the disappointment was too real at times. I almost literally quite so many times but after a while, I figured a trick to keep me going: Every single ninja developer ever goes through this cycle, then I decided if it was a stage in the process, the best way is to embrace it and stock up stories for my future speeches :smile:

I’d advice, use this opportunity to mingle, network wit your peers and master the art of learning from others as well as using Google to teach yourself. Trust me these soft-skills work wonders later when you’re out of this bootcamp.

Hey there @jstalin,

I’m planning to enroll in a bootcamp myself, are you able to share which one you’re enrolled in?
Still considering, though I think it’s a good push to learn something intensively within a short span of time.

With regards to learning JS, online materials were a big help but most important factor was the practise. Well, you’re almost halfway there so keep going! :slight_smile:

If you are in Singapore, then there’s only 2 US based ones here.

From the sound another poster here, it seems the rush type training is the same regardless of which you go.

You really hv to be a pro before going in, which really begs the question then why are we going in??.

jstalin, if you don’t mind.

Go Ahead… break a leg… LOL!

Now doing Khan acedemy to improve my JS, will look into FCC when i can find more spare time.

Meanwhile, 2 to 3 of us here, looked to likely to flop in tis Bootcamp. LOL!

Our C.A (class assistants) look to comfort us… [ i think they just dun want us to complain & reach the public masses]