HELP! Can't pass any task

Can’t pass any task.
When I make all requirements and click ‘Run the Tests’ button it shows “//running test” and nothing after it

I know It seems like everyones having that problem… My code is right but hitting control+enter doesn’t do anything now…I hope they figure out whats happening I jut got back motivated to study again lo


It looks like fcc has some issues with my location. I’ve tried to open fcc via thor browser and everything works ok.

Also had this problem a few times. What I do is try the code using and console.log the results there.

Sometimes the problems is just a missing ; or brackets {} or a simple mistake. After finding that mistake and editing it. I put the code once again on FCC and clicked run test. Then it started working again.

i’m having the same issues… it won’t pass any tests.

k. so i downloaded chrome and now it works fine.

I’m working in chrome, but the frame where content should be rendered (on the right side) is always empty :frowning: