Help! can't pass test!

  <img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">
  <p>Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.</p>
  <p>Purr jump eat the grass rip the couch scratched sunbathe, shed everywhere rip the couch sleep in the sink fluffy fur catnip scratched.</p>
<a href="">cat photos</a>

Why does <a href="">cat photos</a> not work? The link shows up on the challenge as it should, but I can’t pass the test. The error is:

// running tests
You need an a element that links to h ttp://
// tests completed

Try removing the ‘s’ from ‘https’.

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The test says you have to nest your image within an a element. Also use dead link…

<a href="#">your image goes here</a>

Your solution worked! Thank you so much!

The course has not taught me about dead links yet, so your solution is void until then.

The lesson’s instruction was to link to freecodecamp, so the ‘dead link’ suggestion above is incorrect.

True, I was wrong. I though it was an another test… Sorry…