Help! Change a variable for a specific area!

.penguin {
/* add code below */

–penguin-belly: white;

/* add code above */

I already added --penguin-belly: white; but it still doesn’t let me pass

Would you please link the lesson or the course instruction, and the entire block of code?


This is a variable. You need to change the value of a variable. it is probably right above. tell me the name of the lesson and give a better explanation.
The name of the lesson is on the top left part of the browser.

Change a variable for a specific area, from Basic CSS

It says “The penguin class should reassign the --penguin-belly variable to white .”
and so I’ve put:
–penguin-belly: white;
I guess is the only thing I need to add.
The code would be:

.penguin {
/* add code below /
–penguin-belly: white;
add code above */

position: relative;
margin: auto;
display: block;
margin-top: 5%;
width: 300px;
height: 300px;


I can’t tell where’s the error

are you on Safari? change browser

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you’re right! thanks a lot!

what browser did you use? safari and chome won’t work work for me

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