Help changing directory in Command Prompt

In Command Prompt, I’m being introduced to the ability to change the directory from a certain point onward. Hark this video:

Run C Program in Command Prompt - YouTube

…and this advice page:

How to change directory in CMD on Windows 10 via Command line (

Each gives good advice on how to change the directory from the C:/Users/self folder onward.

My C drive is full of data, low on storage, so I’ve been using an external hard drive instead, in the G drive, to store most of my recreational stuff. That includes a new first-step coding project I just made.

I’d like to know how, if at all, I may change the directory not just after the Users folder, but to the basic drive itself, from C to G, so that I may access my code sheet where it is.

Your second link gave the answer in step 7. You type this at the command line:


Also this might help you further: How to use the Windows command line (DOS)

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Thank goodness for the internet’s anonymity. There isn’t a hole deep and dark enough to crawl into to compensate for this folly on my part. Thank you for pointing out where the answer already is.

On a side note, forum- treating the forum as its own sapient being to speak to- heads up. This is going to happen very, very often. I offer apologies in advance, if I owe them.

You can also try using Google first. For instance searching windows how to change drive would probably have given you your answer. If not, then you could as on the forum that part that you didn’t understand.

A big part of learning how to code is learning how to search for answers.

I’m even worse than that. I used a search engine to look up the very page in the second link provided above, and simply didn’t read far enough down.

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