Help Code Pen Several HTML pages

Good night…

I think it’s really hard to code using code pen, so I made my portfolio project using brackets.

I have 3 html pages and 1 css… How can I put the 3 html in code pen? Should my project have only one page?

In the free version of codepen, it is only possible to have one page. Your best option for using codepen would be to copy and paste the three files into the one codepen page. I wouldn’t suggest that though, as you are misusing the entire point of codepen. If you like having the separate pages (I like this too), you can use better ways than codepen to show off your work like GitHub Pages, or

well, im creating a codepen project… this will not work?

also, if i send a github link instead, woul freecodecamp accept?

edit: I can create one free proj and share it through view mode.

I just completed the frontend cert and all my projects are hosted on my own server. freeCodeCamp didn’t mind. Codepen is recommended only because it is convenient for people to immediately get started without having to worry about hosting, etc. I think github pages is just as useful so maybe in the new, beta version that should be recommended instead.


One of the goals of freeCodeCamp is a way for anyone to learn development from their browser. This is why CodePen and are recommended. GitHub pages is great, but you still have to code locally which is why it probably won’t ever be recommended.

But we already ask newbies to create a github account as part of the “Join the FreeCodeCamp Community” part of the roadmap. Besides, I seem to recall there are cloud based ides that integrate with github now. Mind you it is six of one and half a dozen of the other but personally I think github pages is superior to codepen (and personal hosting is better than either.)