Help! Code tag in Technical Documentation project question

Hello everyone,

I haven’t seen an answer for this, so I figured I would ask. I am working on the Technical Documentation project and I came up with an idea to make one for building a gaming PC. After reviewing the user stories, I noticed #6 wants us to have a total of 5 code tag elements.

My idea doesn’t involve using code as it is putting PC components together (i.e motherboard, cpu, graphics card, etc) and making sure they are compatible.

Should I abandon this idea to focus on something else that involves the actual use of code or is there a way for me to do this still while using code elements in a different way to still meet the requirements?

I am pretty set on doing the gaming PC as I think it would be fun to create, but I can think of something else if it doesn’t look like it is going to work.

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps!

I mean, it’s not really checking if it is valid code in the code text. You could just use it for insets of famous quotes, or whatever. Or invent a hypothetical gaming system that lets you enter code. Or whatever. I did mine on pizza, I think.

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