Help Creation of Password Manager

Hey, I want to create a Password manager using

  1. Electronjs
  2. Bcryptjs

how to do so ?? what about security and saving of password , ?
please help me in this regard


This answer will be a little evasive, but when dealing with security, it’s always better to copy or use what’s already on the market.

In Your case, I’d check out the source code of Bitwarden. From there you can get ideas.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:.

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Caveat - The cardinal rule of security is NEVER ROLL YOUR OWN. (Good discussion of pitfalls here and here and here.)

That said, if you want to learn the basic concepts, you can start looking here and here.

You will note that those guides are rather old. People have realized that its super dangerous to make your own security software! If teams of trained professionals make occasional security software mistakes, you will many more serious and more frequent mistakes!

If you are interested in security software, the best thing you can do is get good at software and start working on a team that does security software.

thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

already read your first 3 link posts, going to read next one, might use already existing one if didn’t find a easy to do so

No problem :slight_smile:.

Although @JeremyLT’s answer is far better than mine. You should take his advice (maybe in conjunction with what I said) and learn more first.

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will use already present password manager and instead focus on something else, that needs time