Help: D3 Map Data

I am trying to figure out how to make d3 maps. I’m finding it pretty frustrating as the d3 website, docs, and examples, are fairly confusing to me and hard to navigate.

For example, I keep seeing in various tutorials and demos that people are pulling map data files from links that look like this:

but I can’t seem to find where these are listed on the d3 website.
To top it all off, half of the info out there is for d3 version 3 and the other half for version 4.

anyways if anyone could share where to find those json files on the d3 website, or any good tutorials for the d3 map project (the one about plotting meteor impact sites over a world map), that would be super helpful. thanks.

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Basic Map Making and Create GeoJSON File

Finding the data to make map was very difficult -

1 - go to

2 - click to Download Tab

3- Under the Medium scale data, 1:50m - Click the Physical tab

4- Find the Land Tab and Click Download Land - this will download a zip file containing different files

5- After Zip file is downloaded - go to

6 - You can either “Drag and Drop entire zip file” into site or Click the select button to upload zip file to site After this is done - it will give you the option to Import - click Import…

You should see a Map of the world------

This should get you started…

The next part is even more fun -

Let me know if this help and then I can guide you the rest of the way if you want …
Hints - the next part require Github and RawGit


Great stuff. more please :slight_smile: