Help! Don't know witch language to choose for a project!

Hey there! I’m a graphic designer and I know some CSS and HTML but I had an idea to complement a project and don’t know how to make it happen! I don’t mind learning a new language or learning how to make it but don’t know what direction to go and don’t even know if it’s possible to do what I want. So here it goes - is it possible to have an app where you can write something (small text) and then upload a sound or a song that interferes with the font?

Basically, write something like “PEACE” and the font is normal but when you upload or choose the song it alters the aspect of the font like a glitch while it plays, different results for different pitches ( ex .


is this possible?

any help would be more than welcome.

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Umm, yes - it’s a really interesting thing you want to do but it’s going to take a bit of work. You’ll probably want to use JavaScript. Now you can do it just in plain JS - I’ve never tried anything like it, but you can definitely load and access audio, then parse that out and use it to glitch images (which is what you’d want to turn the words into). It’s likely to be a bit painful, so Processing, or its successor P5, are probably your best bet. I say that because the easiest way to get to this from a starting point of zero is to leverage one of the creative coding frameworks (of which Processing was kinda the first), which are built to create artistic things, stuff like you’re describing.

P5 is a bit more modern, but there are fewer resources. There are loads of plugins that should help, though learning a framework will take time, but they’re very enjoyable things to play with. Khan academy has a very good tutorial (natural simulations) that uses Processing, and the book it’s based on, The Nature of Code is excellent and free. Note that they don’t cover exactly what you’re talking about, but what you get from it should give you a lot of the tools needed to build.

The author, Daniel Schiffmann, has a good YouTube channel with a ton of his lectures: