Help: FCC Landing Page

Hello Everyone

I cant seem to figure out why the next part of my page won’t update in the html part Perhaps a fresh set of eyes will see where my mistake is.
I am trying to get the next section: Courses with the h1 header to show under what a I have currently but I get no change on the page

This is the project:

You need an id that matchs your link on that section.

 <li><a class="nav-link" href="#About">About<a></li>

You need to change:

<div id="about-text">


<div id="About">

These need to match. Repeat the process for all links.

Okay, thank you.

Any help on my other problem?

I’m not sure what the other issue is. Can you elaborate on the issue?

In my html I have this heading

< h1 id=“courses” class=“sec-headers”>Courses</ h1>

which i want to show up below the two sections i have. this heading will have its own sections as well,But it won’t show up

The Iframe for your video is covering up the Course section.

I would add the course section to your CSS Grid and it should show up.

Oh , okay , thank you!