Help figuring out what language

sudo /usr/bin/profiles remove -all
sudo profiles remove -identifier <profile_name>
sudo profiles list
openssl rand –hex6 | sed  ‘s/(..)/1:/g; s/.$//’  |  xargs  sudo  ifconfig  en0  ether

what is this? what does it do?
in terminal on mac

This code will help you download certain files using the Terminal instead of going through the net. Sudo command is used for this very purpose especially in Linux Command Line. Openssl will help you run/compile code in the terminal itself (C/C++ or maybe even Python code)

what language

It’s not a language (apart from the bit in quotes after sed which is the language used for sed). They’re just a set of programs, and instead of clicking buttons to open them, in this case they’re being run by typing into the terminal.

sudo is a program used to run other programs with elevated security levels (ie “su do”, “superuser do”). openssl has tools for SSL. sed (“stream editor”) is a text editor that works on streams of text, so takes it line by line, applying the edits you specify to each line. xargs is a program that converts text to arguments for another program command. ifconfig is for configuring network interfaces on the machine. The pipe character (|) is a feature of several terminal shells, it says “take the result or the command on the left and pass it as the first argument to the command on the right”.

You can use the man (manual) program to get get help for a program: man sudo, man openssl etc etc

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