Help figuring out where to start and where to go

So I was hired a few weeks ago as a Database Management Analyst.

I have a degree in Geography (GIS) with a minor in Comp Sci.

My knowledge of coding is rather limited, language wise it is basically all Java with a small amount of x32 Assembly

What is stressing me out is that I am in charge of making a web portal for the company that allows us to see client information. It’s a many to many relationship as a client may work for many places, and a place may employ many clients.

I don’t even know where to start. I just have to handle the front end, at the moment, making the web page look decent. It will eventually have to show some tabulated information from an SQL database.

Does anyone know where I should start? and where I should go. I don’t mind learning, or even cramming, I just can’t afford to lose this job.

If you have no experience with HTML/CSS/JS I would suggest you simply start at the beginning of freecodecamp. I don’t how much time you have, but I suppose you don’t have months? If time is a problem, it might be usefull to focus to understand bootstrap and then just download a good looking template somewhere. Also, if you don’t have a large/difficult database, some basic PHP/mySQL should do the job.

Do you know how the data will be passed to your Front end? If you have an API endpoint that your backend dev gives you, working your way through the front-end challenges up until the intermediate projects will give you the basics of what you need.

If you are the backend dev as well, still focus on the front end stuff, but with some dummy data for your prototype. Build out a nice looking UI with your navigation, text and a table containing your dummy data. Then learn the required backend stuff to pour dynamic data in.

Java is fine for backend development, so you may be able to leverage what you already know for that :slight_smile: