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Hello there,
I’ve a problem with my code.
I need save in .txt file a variable with random.sample from a List.
Python save my file with this orrible list format .
How I can remove the List format?
I need a simple str on .txt without [ ] .

Ex my .txt

Hello! #correct

–>world!<-- #correct

Today is: #correct
[‘Monday’, ‘10’] #uncorrect



What’s your code so far?

This is my example code; for list house_1 the str is correct, without [ ], but in list house the result is : [‘roof’, ‘room’].
How can I change the code for have this result using random.simple?

# My Code example

import random
house = ['room', 'bath', 'floor', 'roof']
house_1 = ['room', 'bath', 'floor', 'roof']

while True:
    file = open('My house', 'x')
    file.write("\nWelcome to my house\n\n") 

    insert = input('write here --> ')
    if insert == 'yes':
        file.write('hello hello hello\n')

        random_house = random.sample(house, 2)
        random_house_1 = random.choice(house_1)
        file.write(str(random_house) + '\n')

# my result (wrong)

Welcome to my house

hello hello hello
['roof', 'room']

# Example (what I want)

Welcome to my house

hello hello hello

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sample method returns list, while choice returns just chosen item. Therefore if you’d want to have string in the first case, you’d need to make some additional operation on the result returned by sample method.

What kind of operations should I make?
Just a hint please, I’m stuck

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