Help. Finished first section's projects

I have just finished all Responsive Web Design projects and the SCRIPT has encountered 2 error that in my point of view shouldn’t be happening.

Survey Form Project:

error: 12. Inside the form element, I can select an option from a dropdown that has corresponding id=“dropdown”.’
there’s an option with the id=“dropdown” in the form.

Personal Portfolio Project:
error: 2. The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.
there’s a section with the id=“welcome-section” (as the instructions required) with the height property set to 100vh

one more thing:
I’ve finished the projects, now what?
how does the certification thing work?

  1. You should have just one select input. Give it an id “dropdown” with at least 2 options.
  2. Give #welcome-section height:100vh

Good job finishing projects. Continue with the rest of FCC.
You claim it after you are done with the required projects. I guess it’s something you can brag about :slight_smile:

the #welcome-section has the height set to 100vh

You’ve added padding-top: 20%; to the welcome section. That adds height to the section making it larger than the viewport. Remove that and it will pass.

I see!
thank you very much