Help fixing my Tribute Page

I’m brand new to coding and am working on the Tribute project. I’ve been trying to figure out how to pass the last requirement and can’t figure it out. Any advice would be awesome! I kept it simple for the most part I think, but I did have some fun with it so that might be where I’m going wrong in my code.

It might look weird, I coded it on an iPad so it’s not formatted for a computer, sorry.

My project:

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Hi Mitchell

I checked your code and then the requirements. I am not sure, how to center all 3 images inside a div using flex. But if you use the images as block elements, then you can center them. Try to center only 1 image and then

I’m guessing the image centering test is being run against the image with id="image", so I would start by giving the image in the center the id of “image”.

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That worked! Thank you so much!! I’ve seriously been staring at my code for like hours trying different things to fix it and it was seriously that simple… I guess that’s what learning is for. Thank you so much again!

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Any other general notes would be awesome if you’ve got the time, but no worries if you don’t. Thank you thank you!

@mitchelljclarkson, I realize you’re not asking for feedback and you’ve marked this as solved but there’s something I have to mention.

Do not include the style tags in codepen’s CSS editor. These tags are HTML tags and do not belong in CSS. Further, they can and will cause styling problems.

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