Help for a newbie like me

I am in midst of struggle even though I took different lesson on freecodecamp Still I can’t absorb that things that involves logic formulation. like in looping I get a Idea but It is hard for me to code it. another is that I am not code in code formulation. I can’t understand also objects etc etc is there anything I can read watch of something that can improve everything about me :frowning: I really want programming but It is hard for me to formulate the ideas that I have. even though I graduated a bachelor degree in computer science coding logic formulation struggle me and how will I convert my ideas into Code

Freecodecamp exercise is good, and try codeacademy also, I learned a lot from them.

thank you for suggestion I also took the codeacademy :smiley: still struggling man :smiley:

I recommend trying to solve problems on project euler or codewars or websites like that It helped me a lot. Also I remember a book called learn python the hard way, that really made me think differently about programming logic, and really helped me out as a programmer. The biggest thing however is never giving up. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you have to crawl before you can walk or run. I’ve seen a bunch of people who really want to code and want to get right to the good stuff but might not have the foundational knowledge yet. You may need to take a step back and start at the beginning with some of the tutorials here. Then repeat them and do extra practice making sure that you understand the premises fully before trying to extract those ideas into something of your own making. It will take time. I think the whole course on FreeCodeCamp is probably close to a year or two done the right way. That’s going to be similar to any degree program or technical school. There are shorter ways, but if you’re already struggling that might not be the route to go, since they can also be expensive (example: development bootcamps).

If I were you I’d just use these forums and stack overflow, along with the lessons and don’t be afraid to ask questions for each lesson that you’re struggling on. Don’t skip ahead until you fully understand the previous lesson. That’s really important. Also don’t be afraid to go back and revisit previous lessons if you’re not getting the current lesson. Sometimes you miss things without realizing it.

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thank you for realization I will. Will go back to start even though how many times I will in order to be succeed in this path struggling but I will never give up

thank you also man for this suggestion

I wish I could be one of your disciple :smiley: @nhavar