Help for makeing ist page

id=“main” means what?

how can i build a tribute page by using a code pen?

Sounds like you need to start with Basic HTML & HTML in the curriculum before trying to start the projects. You will learn what id=“main” is in the Basic HTML portion.


Here is the link to my tribute page - feedback is welcome!
why image & ul take these much space,
why #img-caption doesn’t work yet?

Hi @sharmin1,

your image height is set to 900px, you may want change its height to auto.

I see also you have some unused properties like margin:; etc. I’d rather delete them.

looks like you stylized #img-caption in css, but I don’t see in your html any id with name img-caption

good luck!

Hello Sharmin,

Glad you managed to finish your tribute page!
However you can still work on few improvements.
As Marek is proposing above you can change the height of image to auto.
Also you can delete few lines of code which does not do simply anything. To name something:


You can also easily delete the margin part from your title id since it is just moving your title container 2pxs from sides so it would be nicer not to have it there (of course it is up to you).

On the other hand I like you used the list which you have centered quite good!

Keep coding and you’ll get there! :slight_smile:

By the way I would take a look at your CSS, you have a typo that is playing with your padding.

  padding:10px 22px 7x 22px;

you’ll notice in the padding, you forgot the p in px. So when the page is rendered it removes all the padding info you put in #tribute-info because it doesnt recognize what 7x is.