Help! Have experience with collapse on click Bootstrap 4?

Working on the my portfolio page and I am having issues with getting the toggle menu to close once a link is clicked. It originally worked but I had poorly implemented the menu and I went back to the documentation and followed the examples there. Work like a charm except my menu no longer closed on click like it had prior to the changes.

I have tried using Bootstraps collapse method from here and I get a VM2744:1 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).collapse is not a function.

I tried $('#navbarResponsive').toggle(); , but seems to interfere with Bootstraps JS and disables the menu all together.

My existing code can be found here. Any help is appreciated.

Try moving

<script src=""></script>

Above the other scripts in your HTML doc.

That didn’t seem to work. I had seen that as a common response to this issue with Bootstrap 3, but it doesn’t seem to be the issue with Bootstrap 4. The documentation even has jQuery listed after bootstrap.css and before bootstrap.js.


Just wondering - were you able to solve this problem? I am running into the same thing (bootstrap 4.0, jquery 3.2.1).

After user selects dropdown option, I am trying to force collapse of navbar on small devices. If option isn’t in dropdown, the navbar is collapsing ok. Problem just happens when it is a dropdown option that contains an internal link and that page is already displayed.