(Help) Having Trouble with the Arithmetic Formatter

Hi Everyone,

I’m having issues with the Arithmetic Formatter task, I am pretty sure the code I have does everything required to pass but I dont seem to be passing any of the pytest tests…

Any help would be appreciated.

View my code here.

[replit - KC Code]( boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter - Replit)

You are using global variables within the file and this causes every call to the function to ADD problems to the previous ones. Meaning every output includes ALL previous outputs and thus fails all tests beyond the first.

Now the first one seems to have a spacing issue.
Though given you have to work out the function without global variables, I’d recommend you do that first. After that, we can look at spacing again.

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and all of a sudden this makes loads of sense now when I’m looking at the pytest failures :rofl:

thanks, will proceed!

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All Done, Thank you @Jagaya for your pointer which helped me interpret the pytest fail output better.

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