HELP! How to Create Such thing

Did you guys see that in most websites, that bimage background in, like a banner or something… and then over it is a pragraph(maybe a slogan for their site) and few buttons… how to achieve that?

It’s not clear exactly what you mean, but you can apply a background image to the menu bar.

Here is a crude example where I just put a background image on the header of on old test pen I did. Please let us know if you need more information.

You mean background-images?

All you have to do is:

<div class="withBackgroundImage">
 <!-- Any content you want on top of the image goes here -->
 <p>I'm a Paragraph on top of an image</p>

More on css tricks

@Marmiz @kevinSmith

Thnks for your replies… but the image is not properly aligned to fit the whole height of the <'div>…I

Did you mean the hero header? e.g.

YEah! Yeah! That Hero Header word! i saw that in the googleMaterial page in the console! I never thought it was a name for this thing! How to do this!

Since you don’t mention any framework.
This is the Hero Header tutorial from