Help I need help :)

So hi…

In the “portfolio-challenge” I wanted to create my adobe-muse site in css etc’
This is my site now:
this is my code-pen:

I started from nav and I got like gazillion Q…, so anyone who could A me it will be much ablage!
I don’t know if it’s good way but I just half copy half wrote a code that I find to start analyze it and learn through that,

  1. Do we learn to this level in freecodecamp?
  2. I saw the guy used <a href...><li> text</li></a> instead of <li><a.... Y is that and does it metters?
    3.My nav is in the left and the checkbox input in the upper right. how can I move everything to the right like in my site?
    4.How can I change my menu from horizontal to vertical ? cat I place the hamburger and the close X in the logically right place?

That’s the guy’s code:

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I’m not sure I understand everything you are trying to say. Could you try to use some proper grammar and spelling?

That’s the way to learn. Copy code from StackOverflow or similar and figure out how it works and play with it to get it to do what you want.

Not sure what you mean by “this level”. If you are referring to being able to make a site that looks like your site now, yes, with hard work freeCodeCamp can take you to that level. freeCodeCamp may not have everything you need to know for building a site like that, but it can at least point you in the right direction to go and you can supplement with additional stuff.

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EDIT: just saw your link above to the guy’s hamburger code. Looking at that now.

thank u very much.
so for now, can I move this menu to the right? can I make the links vertical?

To answer your question

I saw the guy used <a href...><li> text</li></a> instead of <li><a.... Y is that and does it matters?

Yes, it matters. You can check it your self on his codepen if you switch it yourself.

The <li> gives you a block and depending on your css, this block can be wide, and since its used as a link, you want to have the whole block itself as link-clickable. If you do <li><a.... only the text itself is clickable and not the whole <li> block which can be bad UX especially if you use a mobile and you have to click with you fingers on the text itself rather than click anywhere beside it (especially that this is a menu).

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thanks man for clear it out for me :slight_smile: