Help! I want a grid tile lay out with flexbox

Hello everyone, I’m trying to have my project-tiles to be responsive and to display in rows not in column and also container to be 100vh and when i scroll down I can see the other content.

How can I achieve that please?

Hey Miriam,

first of all I would split your issue into simple tasks:

  • make container 100vh
  • make container scrollable
  • display container items in rows

Currently, your container is a little bit messed up, because you have project-tile in another project-tile.

I would do something like this:

|-- item
|-- item
|-- item

So all your items should live in the container. And each item has its content, e.g. image, text.

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Omw I got it right! I forgot to put closing div tags on the project tiles, thank you so much… I have been struggling since 7am with this… sometimes all one need is a pair of fresh eyes lol thank you @miku86 :laughing:

One addition:

I just was able to see this because I used the Format HTML function.


I need your help?
How can I do this, h2 element should not be commented out so that it is visible on the page. and they do this too. Each of your comments should be closed with --> .

Hello @Melvincaleb
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