Help! in android

Help!!! i am making final year project… trying to make a social media… in this a user have an app in which he configure a group and when he completed ,
with push of button he gets an apk of that group, "this apk have all the features that user defined in that group, in other words a app makes another apk
which is a private social media!!!
i just wants to know!! is this possible?? and if it is then how could i generate apk from an app and how could i make its database… which gets contain
the database of every newly making group app…
thank you for reading this and please help!!!

Hi and welcome!

Maybe I misunderstood what You’re trying to build, but this seems like the WhatsApp groups (or slack, for instance), no?

You can build an app that builds other apps, but that would require a server to build them. Basically, the server would need to receive some kind of input to understand what needs to be built. Once the app is compiled and built, it needs to be sent back to the client that requested it. The build and compile part is not that hard, but the customization is (here I cannot help You without developing it myself :stuck_out_tongue:).

As for the database, You would need to host the database of every app Your app builds, hence You would need a lot of generalization. Again, I cannot tell You what specifically without designing it myself :stuck_out_tongue:.

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