Help in Cat Photo App step 5

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I do not know what i am missing this is my code but it is incorrect

This is the excercise brief: Commenting allows you to leave messages without affecting the browser display. It also allows you to make code inactive. A comment in HTML starts with <!-- , contains any number of lines of text, and ends with --> . For example, the comment <!-- TODO: Remove h1 --> contains the text TODO: Remove h1 .

Add a comment above the p element with the text TODO: Add link to cat photos .

I would make sure you have the spacing right
right now you have <!–TODO
try <!-- TODO

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There was supposed to be a p element after the comment:
<p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>
I’ve added the p above for you.

You also have an extra fullstop/dot/period at the end of the comment

Hello Cryptic! Thank you so much!

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Have you completed the challenge?

If you have any doubts about html comments, you can look at this documentation:

I will check it out thank you!

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