Help in Creating a live internet radio website

Hi everyone,

As I’m recently finished my career in HTML/CSS, my first client asked me to create a Internet radio website.

Now I have no idea how to do it. But I have all the pages I need.

And I saw the freecodecamp radio, I really inspired with it.
hope you understand want I am coming to share.

Any kind of help or advise will be thanked.

HTML/CSS is not enough, you need to know JavaScript, both frontend and backend (or a different backend language)

How are you with those topics?

I know a bit of javascript, like i can understand it but write only some.

you will need to study a lot more to be able to do something like what you want to do, “a bit of javascript” is not going to cut it, I suggest you continue the freeCodeCamp curriculum

this is the github repo for the fcc code radio:

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